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Introduction to SPSS

Introduction to SPSS

This workshop is geared to those with little to no experience with statistical programming and/or SPSS. By using interactive hands-on demonstrations and exercises, this workshop will familiarize participants with the tools necessary to use SPSS for data analysis. Participants will walkthrough topics ranging from loading data into SPSS, organizing and labeling data, manipulating and creating variables, and getting descriptive information from the data. This session will be taught via Zoom: a link to the Zoom session will be sent in the confirmation and reminder emails.

Prerequisites: SPSS (version 25 or later) installed and properly licensed. If you need SPSS, prior to the workshop, go to the UVA ITS Software Gateway, click on Data Analysis and Research, then SPSS, then install the Teaching and Research version of the software (either version, 26 or 27).

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
9:00AM - 11:00AM
David Martin

Registration is required. There are 21 seats available.