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R Bootcamp Part 1: Introduction to R

R Bootcamp Part 1: Introduction to R

The R Bootcamp is a series of four hands-on R workshops that will provide the participant with the knowledge of key foundational concepts necessary for analyzing and understanding data within R. R Bootcamp will introduce the RStudio interface, the basics of programming in R, how to clean and organize data in R, and how to visualize data in R. Bootcamp participants will gain the foundational skills necessary to conduct several data science and data analysis tasks within R.

Introduction to R is directed towards participants who have little or no experience with statistical computing or programming. R is an open source language that can be used for a variety of computational purposes. This class will introduce R in the context of its data manipulation and visualization capabilities. Via interactive code-alongs, students will learn the basics of creating variables, using functions, accessing documentation, loading packages, importing data and plotting.This session will be taught via Zoom: a link to the Zoom session will be sent in the confirmation and reminder emails.

Pre-requisites: none

Prior to the workshop please set aside around one hour to follow the set-up instructions posted to the Workshops website. Feel free to reach out to the instructors for assistance if needed. If you would like a short introduction to RStudio, check out the BasicBasics 1 unit created by RLadies Sydney.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
1:00PM - 3:00PM
David Martin
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